April 30, 2011

pipes|drums Magazine tops 5,000 fans on Facebook

In another first, the pipes|drums page on Facebook has topped 5,000 “likes,” another milestone for the magazine and the piping and drumming world. The online publication embraced the Facebook platform two years ago, and has since seen it become a significant resource for readers to connect with the latest pipes|drums content.


While the magazine currently receives, on average, between 5,000 and 8,000 unique visits a day, and generally between 12,000 and 30,000 daily page-views, its standing on Facebook is significant.


“We’re pleased that we can connect with the piping and drumming world in so many different ways,” said pipes|drums Magazine editor Andrew Berthoff. “Facebook has become an alert mechanism for our readers, as well as an additional outlet for commentary and fun. We’ve said from the beginning that pipes|drums – going back to its Piper & Drummer origin in the 1980s –  is all about constructive dialogue, and this is another extension of that ethic.”


The magazine became the first to take advantage of the Internet when it launched Piper & Drummer Online in 1995 as a complement to its print publication. The popularity of the online edition increased to the point where the magazine went all-online in 2006, when it relaunched as pipes|drums as a completely independent and nonprofit endeavour.


pipes|drums is supported by subscriptions, donations and advertising sponsorships. Funds not used for the development of the magazine are donated to worthwhile piping and drumming causes.


In March of this year, the magazine launched pipes|drums Mobile, a version of the magazine optimized for smartphones such as iPhone, Android and late-model BlackBerry. In one month pipes|drums Mobile traffic now regularly tops 1,000 unique visitors each day, with growth continuing to be steady.


  1. Congratulations Andrew; pipes|drums is an invaluable and significant resource to pipers, drummers and interested people globally. It is simply second-to-none for following our art. The site is a great credit to you and long may it continue! — Stephen Matthews, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia



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