August 31, 2010

pipes|drums video vault: the 2010 World’s Grade 2 Final

With so much attention placed on Grade 1 at the World Pipe Band Championships, it’s a shame that other events are often all but ignored. Grade 2 at the 2010 World’s was one of the hardest-fought in recent memory, with 39 bands across two heats competing for 12 spots in the Medley Final.

We would have loved to listen to the Grade 1 Medley Final, too, but pipes|drums decided that, since the BBC would be covering it amply, we would bring our readers/viewers the entirety of the Grade 2 Final, showcasing selections often every bit as creative as those heard in the top grade and, indeed, several performance not being out of place in Grade 1.

We hope that you enjoy these 12 performances, in order of each band’s placing in the final, from the best Grade 2 bands at the 2010 World’s. Be sure to subscribe to the pipes|drums Magazine video channel to get instant alerts when new videos are posted.


  1. A very good decision. Thank you very much for recording and posting. It’s very informative to see and hear what goes into the best Gr2 band. Thanks again.

  2. If Bagad Brieg were fourth at the Breton championships you have to wonder just how good were the top three. A well deserved finish and a great idea to let us hear these grade 2 bands.

  3. I’m so glad you posted this. The lower grade bands have no shortage of skill and good sound despite the ongoing emphasis on the grade 1 arena. Hard work notwithstanding, they merit attention simply because many of them sounded great!

  4. I watched this final and was very impressed…I watched the same Grade two years ago aswell and the standard is so much better now. Congrats to the University of Bedfordshire on their top ten finish too!

  5. This is really a great service – kudos to the PD editor. It also makes for a very interesting add-on to the BBC’s coverage. Ravara sound great…what a musical medley.

  6. Once again P|D has led the way in pioneering online piping content — cheers for that! Does this mean that the Gr II Worlds Final will become a much-loved new tradition in the way that P|D’s publication of the Gr I bands’ Worlds Week practice schedule is now an institution that is eagerly awaited internationally? I hope so…!

  7. I think this is a great addition to worlds week, it is great that the whole world can see the standard in the grade 2 final. After watching all of the recordings does anybody else think that the results should be different? I listened to pipeline on the radio in the UK post worlds, and Stuart Cassells mentioned a few bands stood out above the rest, one of which didnt even make the prizes, and after listening to all of these agree with him that this is the case.

  8. Great work, a large task but wouldn’t it be great to have all the finals from all the grades, imagine the hits on the Pipes/Drums site then! Like many bandsmen we remember Worlds performances from recall only and as time goes by they fade in the memory. All the same, well done!



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