August 31, 2007

pipes|drums visits statistics sky-high

The number of visits to pipes|drums during “World’s Week” has broken all previous records, with August 11th, the day of the 2007 World’s, easily setting a single-day benchmark with more than 12,000 visits to the site recorded.

The intense demand on the site between 2 and 3 pm on August 11th caused occasionally temporary server-errors for some, while during that hour more than 2,000 individuals were connected.

More than 35,000 page-views were recorded on the day of the World’s, also a record, which had been set previously on August 12, 2006, the day of last year’s Championship.

pipes|drums was the only site that was able to publish the Grade 1 and Grade 2 final results as they were announced by the RSPBA from the field at Glasgow Green. The results from the Grade 1 Qualifier contest were also posted in sync with their announcement.

“We’re indebted to our agents in the field who diligently coordinated their days and called in with the news,” said Andrew Berthoff, editor of the pipes|drums web magazine, the world’s only independent news publication for pipers and drummers. “While it was a gorgeous day outside of our headquarters, we were hunkered down delivering the news to our many thousands of readers.”

The site also set a new record for visits and page-views in a single week. More than 45,000 visits have been recorded from August 6th to 11th, inclusive, and nearly 140,000 page-views were logged during that time. Final numbers for August 12th have not been tabulated, but they will likely come close to those of August 11th.

“It’s extremely gratifying to provide a service in pipes|drums that so many people obviously want,” Berthoff continued. “We don’t make any money from this and we’re not attached to any association or business. Our pay-back is providing information and a lively forum for fair, intelligent and informed conversation for the piping and drumming world.”

pipes|drums uses all money from $9.99/year subscriptions and advertising for site maintenance and overhead, and contributes when it can to worthwhile similarly not-for-profit piping and drumming endeavours.


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  1. Predictions and contest stories were moved to the Features section, mainly to keep folks from entering after the results! Just waiting to hear from the winner of the fabulous prize package before posting the story.



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