September 22, 2016

pipes|drums readers: where are they?

Have you ever wondered where readers of pipes|drums, like you, live?

While we operate mainly from Toronto, our approach is truly international, serving the piping and drumming agnostically, without favour to any particular piper, drummer, band, country or association.

Here is a snapshot of visits to pipes|drums, collectively calculating the location of visitors.

Click to enlarge.

You will notice that the geographic breakdown of readers pretty much reflects the number of pipers and drummers in each region, with the UK leading the way, then Canada, the United States and so forth.

We believe that this geographical summary indicates that we are indeed succeeding at serving our readers equally and fairly, with plenty of coverage for all, commensurate with their regions and interests.

pipes|drums is not connected with any association, we’re not on anyone’s payroll, we don’t make a penny from our efforts, we’re not selling anything except for subscriptions and advertising, and we return that money to our costs and use whatever might be left over to support worthwhile non-profit piping and drumming causes.

To all of you, wherever you live, thank you for your readership and dedication to pipes|drums, and we hope that you subscribe so that we can continue to deliver even more and better coverage. To our many advertisers, we appreciate your support and we trust that you are pleased with your canny marketing investment reaching the entire piping and drumming world.

As always, stay tuned . . .





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