August 13, 2015

PL! 3 – lifted spirits, and we are ready

It was “The Wednesday” at Piping Live! and the weather was a shade warmer and sunnier, and spirits were lifted (read that how you like) as a result. Another full day of too much to get to, picking and choosing what was on, and at times not wanting to be inside while the sun shone.

A start with Callum Armstrong, virtuoso on the double Scottish smallpipe, astounding the Street Café audience with truly avant-garde compositions of his own, as well as some more well known fare. The quite hypnotic sound of the double smallpipes attracted a lot of interest from unexpecting passers-by, who stopped to have a listen and then stayed through lunch.

Callum Armstrong on the double Scottish smallpipes.

The official launch of the Piobaireachd Society’s Book 16 of their Collection was in the National Piping Centre’s auditorium, with President Jack Taylor emceeing the event, showcasing . . .





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