November 17, 2015

Prescription for band headaches with new software

Former Grade 1 leading-drummer Ken Constable has launched “MyBand,” an integrated web application designed to provide music groups of all types – including pipe bands – a means to streamline the administrative tasks for a band of any size.

MyBand is a subscription-based application that starts at $15 per month with various selectable components, rising to as much as $70/month for a very large group, or $100/month for an organization with multiple bands.

Constable said that the product (available at, through a secure private network, enables bands to maintain one central list of active members of the organization; post and organize multi-media files like sheet music, score sheets, images  and audio/video recordings; schedule events and view reports on availability of members by member role using an RSVP system; manage inventory such as uniforms and equipment by assigning items to members; manage all communications, including emails to groups within the organization (pipers only, fund-raising committees, midsection, etc.); publish content to a mobile friendly public-facing website.

“Band managers typically have to deal with a lot of administrative nightmares,” said Constable. “Before MyBand, there wasn’t anything on the market that could meet all of a manager’s needs, whether it was communicating with band members, sharing files, managing inventory or planning events. This is the first time that a single, integrated product has come to market that can do it all and can do it well, ultimately saving those band managers a lot of time.”

A professional software developer, Constable has been a member of several top-grade pipe bands, and served as the leading-drummer of the Grade 1 Toronto Police Pipe Band.

The product has been in beta-testing with several pipe bands in North America since October with favourable results.


  1. Our band management (Toronto Fire) is thoroughly enjoying MyBand.
    We’ve become a more collaborative team, people have less questions about dress/times and it’s allowed us to create a more vibrant social footprint and take advantage of these amazing camera’s we’re all running around with these days.
    Ken’s super helpful and supportive too.



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