June 27, 2015

Rocky Mountain at the peak of Red Deer

Red Deer, Alberta – June 27, 2015 – The outdoor Alberta pipe band season kicked off with the annual Red Deer Highland Games attracting bands and soloists from across the province. Weather was hot and dry with temperatures hovering near 30 in the heat of the afternoon. The Grade 2 “Battle of Alberta” proved to be an excellent contest with all bands making it out. Rocky Mountain came out on top with a convincing win.

Rocky Mountain coming onto the Grade 2 medley circle at Red Deer.

Grade 2
(medley, three competed)
1st Rocky Mountain (1,1,2,1)
2nd Viscount Park (2,2,1,2)
3rd Noth Stratton (3,3,3,3)

Grade 3 (MSR)
1st Ogden Legion (1,1,1,1)

Grade 4 (medley)
1st Edmonton Youth (1,1,2,1)
2nd Edmonton & District (2,2,1,2)

Grade 5 (quick march medley)
1st 78th Fraser Highlanders (1,1,1,1)
2nd Alberta Firefighters (2,2,2,2)

Judges for all band events: James Beaumont, Dave Hicks (piping); David Bowman (drumming); Peter Hendrickson (ensemble)

Professional Solo Piping

1st Jonathan Grady
2nd Zephan Knichel
3rd Andrew Smith
Judge: James Beaumont

1st Zephan Knichel
2nd Stewart Smith
3rd Rob McRae
Judge: Sean Somers

1st Stewart Smith
2nd Zephan Knichel
3rd Rob McRae
Judge: Dave Hicks

Professional Snare Drumming

1st Aaron Carter
2nd Andrew Miller
3rd John Stewart
Judge: Peter Hendrickson

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Aaron Carter
2nd Andrew Miller
3rd Bill Saul
Judge: David Bowman

Professional Tenor Drumming

1st Sarah Staub
2nd Kelsey Drummond
Judge: David Bowman

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Kelsey Drummond
Judge: Peter Hendrickson

If you have results, please send them in using the format above, along with other information and a photo or two. We can’t reports what we don’t know about!




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