May 12, 2024

Shotts strike lightning, beat Boghall at season opener at Gourock

Lightning strikes while Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia compete at the 2024 Gourock Highland Games. [Photo Amanda Losonsky]
Gourock, Scotland – May 12, 2024 – Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia got their 2024 campaign off to a good start by winning their first contest, topping four other Grade 1 bands, including reigning World Champions Peoples Ford Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia.

The weather held up okay until a major thunderstorm opened up right after Johnstone competed. Full-on lightning strikes were nearby when Shotts performed their medley as the final band to compete. Shotts was the only band to be rained on while playing. The march past was cancelled because of the weather.

Grade 1 (medley)
1st Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia (2,2,2,1)
2nd Peoples Ford Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia (3,3,1,2) (ens.pref.)
3rd ScottishPower (1,1,4,3)
4th Johnstone (4,4,5,4)
5th Police Scotland & Federation (5,5,3,5)
Judges: John Wilson, Barry Donaldson (piping); A. Craig (drumming); Cameron Edgar (ensemble)



  1. Wow! Will Boghall be able to defend their title at World’s this year? I was plesently surprised to see Power get 1st in piping, I’m a fan of them, but unfortunately their drumming score didn’t help. I’m very interested to see if Boghal can defend its title, cause it lost 1st place to Shotts and if Power did better in drumming then Boghall would’ve gotten 3rd. This will be an interesting year.



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