April 30, 2010

Stuart Highlanders top Oran Mor at NHSSA

Concord, New Hampshire – April 10, 2010 – The Grade 2 Stuart Highlanders were placed ahead of the Grade 1 Oran More in the MSR event of the combined Grades 1 and 2 challenge at the New Hampshire School of Scottish Arts competition. Oran More won the medley event. In the solo piping, Eric Ouellette won the overall in the Professional grade.

Grades 1 & 2 Challenge
1st Stuart Highlanders
2nd Oran Mor

1st Oran Mor
2nd Stuart Highlanders

Grade 3
1st Worcester Kiltie

Grade 4
1st Catamount
2nd Stuart Highlanders
3rd New Hampshire

Grade 5
1st Worcester Kiltie
2nd New Hampshire
3rd Maine St. Andrews

Judges for all grades: Gordon Webster, Lezlie Paterson Webster (piping); Alasdair Gillies (ensemble) Jon Quigg (drumming).

Solo Piping
Professional aggregate: Eric Ouellette
Grade 1 aggregate: Bobby Durning
Grade 2 aggregate: Kirk Brunson
Grade 4 aggregate: Tom Ryan

Solo Snare Drumming
Grade 1 aggregate: Michael Schoppe
Grade 2 aggregate: Quinn McCormack
Grade 4 aggregate: Ian Campbell




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