August 25, 2015

Tammy Royce wins Pick The Six!

PickTheSix_newsTammy Royce of Ventura, California, is the canny winner of pipes|drums’ 2015 Pick The Six contest!

We had more than 2,800 entries this year, and ultimately it was Tammy’s total score of 14 points that carried the day. Tammy had only the second- and third-place winners reversed in her pick, and was spot-on with first, fourth, fifth and ssixth. (One reader actually got the final six in exact order, but the entry was disqualified because there was another entry from the same email address, which is against the clearly defined rules.) A perfect pick would garner 18 points.

Tammy will now receive directly from the businesses providing the prizes the following array of wonderful stuff — and please be sure to check out each business, since they have excellent products and services and are proud supporters of piping and drumming! – a one-year membership to the Studio. Retail price: $240.


Boderiou Bagpipes – one Boderiou poly band pipe chanter. Retail price: $205.


Chris Armstrong Bagpipes – I’ll donate a set of Premium X-Treme Drone Reeds ($175) and a Skype lesson with Chris Armstrong (priceless).


Elixir Piping & Drumming – a level of books from the Exam Excellence progream. $80.

Epipesa download copy of Studio Piper ($154)


Henderson Reedmakers – six sets of Traditional cane drone reeds made and selected by Murray Henderson. $150 combined value.) Strathmore_banner_resized

Lee & Sons Bagpipes – Any pipe bag, any size, any hide (Cowide, Goatskin, Sheepskin or Sheepskin Premium), with or without zipper, with or without grommets. $400


Lyons Bagpipes – A Moose Valve and a set of Crozier V2 Drone Reeds. $145 combined value.


Mayor Drum Supply – set of bass drum heads with artwork ($460), a pair of Mayor bass drum mallets ($105) and a Mayor tension watch ($98) for a total prize pack valued at $663.


McCallum Bagpipes – long full engraved practice chanter. ($338)


PipeReeds – six of the finest pipe chanter reeds that Colin MacLellan can craft. ($111)


Reelpipes – A six-pack of G1 Platinum chanter reeds ($108) and a copy of Iian MacDonald’s Along the Road collection ($25).


Walsh Bagpipes – Plastic A smallpipe chanter set up with a special practice chanter top so it can be played as a practice chanter in the key of A, with a water trap in the top with an engraved nickel ferrule. ($215)



Congratulations, Tammy, and thanks to all of our readers who entered the 2015 Pick The Six contest, and of course to our advertising partners for their support!






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