December 30, 2017

The pipes|drums 2017 news quiz!

The year’s nearly done and dusted. We thought we’d bring you a quiz to test how well you paid attention to the piping and drumming happenings of 2017. Answers are on the final page, so you might want to jot them down as you go along.

1. Field Marshal Montgomery received a sixth in ensemble from one judge in the Grade 1 World’s Final. Who was the adjudicator?
a) Bob Worrall
b) Robert Mathieson
c) John Wilson
d) Peter Snaddon

2. In the UK’s New Year’s Honours, who from this list did not receive an award?
a) David Stark
b) Hugh Cheape
c) Hamish Dean
d) Michael Deask

3. Which Grade 2 band did Ben Peterson and Cameron Bolley become pipe-major and lead-drummer of in 2017?
a) Greater Midwest
b) Midlothian Scottish
c) Detroit Highlanders
d) Great Lakes

4. Who was made lead-drummer of the Grade 2 St. Andrew’s of Brisbane Pipe Band last November?
a) Steven Shedden
b) James Laughlin
c) Brady Swann
d) Eric MacNeill

5. Who was the overall winner of the 2017 George Sherriff Memorial Amateur Solo Piping Championship?
a) Alistair Bevan
b) Laureano Thomas-Sanchez
c) Tori Killoran
d) Gavin Mackay





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