Style Guy
November 12, 2016

The Style Guy: for better or for worsted

Dear Style Guy:

What about they Balmoral bunnets? You ken what I mean.

Monarch of the Glen

When hats were heady.

Love the Balmoral, when it is worn right. But this business of cheap wrong-coloured Balmorals propped up with awful dicing is just plain dicey. Some people think their Balmoral is a look-at-me statement, but it ends up making them look like a clown. And we know how popular clowns are these days.

Balmorals are great, but do them right. Invest in one of quality, and ensure that it lies properly on the head. The colour should complement not clash with your ensemble. And this isn’t the Kentucky Derby: your hat is not supposed to draw attention on its own. The Balmoral is an elegant headpiece that can be the crowning element to your carefully chosen look. Leave it to the fools to try to attract attention for their madcappery. You? You should bring attention to yourself for your good taste, discreet attention to detail and subtle elegance. Wear it well.





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