Style Guy
November 12, 2016

The Style Guy: for better or for worsted

A few fashion seasons have passed since I last checked in with you on matters of piping and drumming attire, from checks to stripes, from barathea to tweed, for better or worsted. The Style Guy will set your sartorial situations straight, so let’s see what messages might be filling my vintage-cantle sporran today . . .

Style Guy,

A local band decided they wanted to stand out from the crowd more, so they have all begun wearing red shirts. I certainly think they’ve accomplished their objective. What do you think?



Red alert! I like this for certain reasons.

Interesting. I am of a few minds about this look. First, red-on-red is always a risky business, especially when it comes to offsetting or upsetting a tartan with red as its foundation colour. Second, not everyone looks good in red, and women in particular can have strong opinions about wearing it – many people outright refuse to do it. So, a band takes all types, and most assuredly there are members who avoid red like they might the third part of “The Jig of Slurs” – they just can’t handle it. Red is also a colour that suggests a fight. Some would say it’s an angry hue, and you don’t ever want to anger-up Shuggy. But, as any of my long-time readers will know, I love your style making a statement. I like standing apart from the crowd of vest-wearing conformist-uniformists. I and the stewards like a band that can be easily identified coming along from over the field, past the Port-a-loos, beyond the beer tent. This accomplishes that. So, while you might joke about battery-powered shirts, I say, More power to them!





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