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December 27, 2017

The Style Guy’s resolutions for a stylish 2018



Resolution: better decorum on social media.

Style is more than what you wear. Your style also includes what you say and how you carry yourself. I’ve noticed an unfortunate growing trend on social media with young pipers and drummers gloating about their success. It’s often positioned as some sort of announcement to the world about themselves. “I was just informed that [whatever] association has officially upgraded me to Open!” or “Congratulations to everyone who got a prize today at [Podunk competition] – chuffed to bits that I won!” This sort of thing lacks decorum. It’s in bad taste. What’s always in good taste is humility. Let others do the talking for you on things like this. Do you ever see Angus MacColl or Willie McCallum gloating about their success? No. The cardinal rule is “Magnanimous in victory, gracious in defeat.” (If you’re not sure what magnanimous means, I’m sorry that you didn’t pay attention in English class, but, in general, it means generous and noble.) Social media has changed a lot of things for the better and the worse, but one thing that should never change is thoughtful restraint and humbly moving forward. Trust me, you’ll look a lot more mature for it.


Jackie Bird: resolve to get with the bands

Style Guy has loved the Beeb’s Jackie Bird ever since she hung out with The Jam and Echo and the Bunnymen back when she was the coolest 1980s groupie ever. Assuming she’s back doing the multi-million-pound broadcast of the World Championship in 2018, it would be great if she did a little something with her outfit to give a nod to the subject matter at hand. Don’t get me wrong, she’s got lovely style, and can certainly afford designer duds. But she looks like she’s in her usual weekend attire, getting the shopping done at Jenners, ready for selfies with adoring fans in the shoe department, rather than covering the major pipe band competition of the year. Just a little something, Jackie. Maybe a wee Gucci tweed cape, or a Stella McCartney tartan clutch, or perhaps some cashmere fingerless gloves by Armani? Just give us a signal that you’re with the team.

Hey, look, style is subjective, but the subject of this is good style, and these are just a few of my thoughts and tips for a better-looking 2018. I could go on, but I, too, will resolve to practice restraint. And it’s my resolution be back with you more regularly next year, so please send The Style Guy your questions of kilt disquiet, your wonderings of Highland wear, your flashes asks . . . whatever you might be torn over when it comes to what to wear. The Style Guy is here to serve.


  1. Great points with a minor hiccup when I saw that there may be some rule about leaving sunglasses at the band tent. Even in my military career, multiple doctors felt strongly enough about eye protection that they wrote scripts for photo-gray lenses, or even for permanently dark lenses that don’t adapt to light conditions. Maybe some leeway on this one?

  2. If you can give me gray overcast skies or indoor games then I’ll ditch the sunglasses……otherwise the shades stay on…..protecting your eyes from cataracts is no different then this fair-skinned Scot wearing sun-block and using ear plugs for hearing protection…..not a question of “style” here…



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