February 29, 2012

TO KO amateur events decide final round

Toronto – February 4, 2012 – The PPBSO Toronto Branch’s annual Amateur Knockout competitions continued at Mosspark Armoury in downtown Toronto. The events group Grade 1 and Grade 2 pipers in a combined A-Grade, and Grade 3 and Grade 4 in a B-Grade.

A-Grade (MSR) – Archie Dewar Memorial Trophy
1st Callum Harper
2nd Kyle Coughlin
3rd MacGregor Van de Ven
4th Tyler Johnson
5th Andrew Hutton
6th Jon Bellia

Judge: Bob Worrall

Group 1 (two parts strathspey, four parts reel) – John Wilson Memorial Trophy
1st Paul Turner
2nd Alex Seto
3rd Margi Scatcherd
4th Corey Boender
5th A.J. Lunn
6th Jordan Brown

Judge: Bob Worrall

Group 2 (two parts strathspey, four parts reel) – John Wilson Memorial Trophy
1st Haitian Yu
2nd Marshall Chamberlain
3rd Alex Brown
4th Edward Watt
5th Eric Bruce
6th Chris Buchanan

Judge:  Glenna Mackay-Johnstone

C-Grade (one two-parted march)
1st Joseph Shields
2nd Nathan Lee
3rd Ryan Domjancic
4th James MacMillan
5th Mitchell Kerr
6th Colton Carrick

Judge: Glenna Mackay-Johnstone

Proceeding to the Knockout Final on March 3rd, based on cumulative points from the previous three competitions:

Kyle Coughlin
Callum Harper
Tyler Johnson
Kaitlin Kimove
MacGregor Van de Ven
Dylan Whittemore

Jordan Brown
Marshall Chamberlain
Zachary Petrachek
Alex Seto
Paul Turner
Edward Watt
Haitain Yu




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