March 31, 2011

Van de ven dominates K-O’s at Ottawa and Toronto

Ottawa, Toronto – March 12-13, 2011 – MacGregor Van de ven of Kingston, Ontario, won both of Ontario’s top amateur knockout events, winning events in Ottawa and Toronto after getting through to the finals after a winter of qualifying events. The Ottawa contests were put on by the Ottawa Branch of the PPBSO, while the Toronto contests were organized by the Toronto Branch.

Solo Piping
A Division (Grades 1 and 2)
1st MacGregor Van de ven
2nd Will Ridley
3rd Cameron Baskerville

B Division (Grades 3-4)
1st Michael Ahronson
2nd John Steele
3rd Walter MacLeish

Solo Piping
A Division
1st MacGregor Van de ven
2nd Brendan Culver
3rd Jon Bellia

B Division
1st Alex Seto
2nd Andrew Hutton
3rd Cameron Cox

Solo Snare Drumming
A Division
1st Brendan Kelly

B Division
1st Brian Turner
2nd Matt White


  1. The participants (competitors, judges, organizers and audience) really made these events fun and a joy to attend. A very big thank you to the organizers for putting these events together. Congratulations to all the competitors. Well played!



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