April 30, 2011

Wallace and Jorgensen on top at Kingdom Thistle Solos

Lochgelly, Scotland – April 16, 2011 – Scott Wallace and Jake Jorgensen were the overall winners in the Open piping and snare drumming categories, respectively, at the annual Kingdom Thistle Solos in Fife. The event is organized by Kingdom Thistle, an organization formed in 2009 to promote piping and drumming and traditional music events in region.

Solo Piping
1st Steven Leaske
2nd Craig Sutherland
3rd Kevin Rogers
4th Greig Canning

1st Scott Wallace
2nd Keith Bowes
3rd Neil Walker
4th Kevin Rogers
5th, Matt Wilson
6th Steven Leaske

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Kevin Rogers
2nd Keith Bowes
3rd Scott Wallace
4th Ben Duncan
5th, Craig Sutherland
6th, Neil Walker

18 & Under
1st Greig McAllister
2nd Callum Watson
3rd Andrew Howe
4th Lucy Ferguson

16 & Under
1st Cameron Strain
2nd Lucy Ferguson
3rd Todd Buttercase
4th Andrew Clark

13 & Under
1st Marshall Alan
2nd Conor Jardine
3rd Scott McKaskill
4th William Wallace

Solo Snare Drumming
1st Jake Jorgensen
2nd Grant Cassidy
3rd Steven Shedden
4th Andrew Lawson
5th Aaron McLean
6th John Henderson

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Jake Jorgensen
2nd Grant Cassidy
3rd Andrew Lawson
4th Steven Shedden
5th Aaron McLean
6th Craig Lawrie

18 years and Under
1st Steven Shedden
2nd Grant Cassidy
3rd Scott McKenzie
4th Ross McNeill

16 years and under
1st Joe Fleming
2nd Ewan Fyfe
3rd Gregor Kincaid
4th Lewis Taylor

13 years and under
1st Ewan Dallas
2nd Eilidh McCreadie
3rd Ben Buttercase
4th Jamie Clark

Judges throughout the day were Glenn Brown, Tom Brown, James Murray, Kevin Rogers and Matt Wilson for piping, and Jim Baxter, Stephen Creighton and Barry Wilson for drumming.




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