August 31, 2010

2010 World Champions: St. Laurence O’Toole; FMM 2nd; 3rd and 4th prizes muddled; Ravara takes Grade 2

Grade 3A (26 competed)
1st St. Finbarr’s (Ireland)
2nd Cottown (Northern Ireland)
3rd Cullen (Ireland)
4th Police Service of Northern Ireland
5th Pitlochry & Blair Atholl (Scotland)
6th Isle of Islay (Scotland)

Drumming: St. Finbarrs
Judges: Gordon Lawrie, John McCarlie (piping); Gordon Parkes (drumming); Denver Cardwell (ensemble)

Grade 3B (33 competed)
1st Geoghegan Memorial (Northern Ireland)
2nd Quinn Memorial (Northern Ireland)
3rd Black Raven
4th Manor Cunningham (Northern Ireland)
5th Colmcille (Northern Ireland)
6th Rob Roy (Canada)

Drumming: Badenoch and Strathspey
Judges: Cameron Edgar, Ken Eller (piping); Gordon Craig (drumming); Bob Shepherd (ensemble}

Juvenile (seven competed)
1st Dollar Academy (Scotland)
2nd Boghall & Bathgate (Scotland)
3rd St Thomas Episcopal School (USA)
4th George Watsons College (Scotland)
5th St Andrew’s College
6th Johnstone (Scotland)

Drumming: Boghall & Bathgate
Judges: Dixie Ingram, John Wilson (piping); Jim Baxter (drumming); John McInnes (ensemble)

Grade 4A (40 competed)
1st Gransha
2nd Moneygore
3rd Stamperland
4th North Coast (USA)
5th 2662 Highland Squadron RAF Lossiemouth
6th Major Sinclair Memorial

Drumming: Gransha
Judges: Nat Russell, Jim Semple (piping); Alistair Aitken (drumming); Allan Ronaldson (ensemble)

Grade 4B (60 competed)
1st Upper Crossgare (Northern Ireland)
2nd Portlethen & District
3rd Tullintrain
4th The RDG and QRH (Scotland)
5th Ballybriest
6th Stockbridge (Scotland)

Judges: Moffatt, Tony Sloane (piping); David Brown (drumming); David Clark (ensemble)

Novice (23 competed)
1st Oban High School (Scotland)
2nd Inveraray & District (Scotland)
3rd George Watson’s College (Scotland)
4th North Lanarkshire Schools (Scotland)
5th Paisley (Scotland)
6th Erskine Stewart Melville College (Scotland)

Drumming: George Watson’s College
Judges: Jim Campbell, Trevor Dear (piping); Greg Dinsdale (drumming); Peter Snaddon (ensemble)


  1. You feel really bad for Boghall – I guess it would like having the rug ripped out from under your feet but regardless this was a stellar result for the band and they still should be very proud of what they achieved. A word of advise to the RSBPA – Invest in a very beneficial book Microsoft Excel for Dummies” – and look up ‘conditional sorting’ – I promise if you spend the $9.95 and follow the instructions

  2. I believe in the individual MSR or Medley a point total tie is broken by ensemble preference. In the final tally, combining MSR and Medley, a tie is broken by the superior MSR score. If that is indeed the case then the RSPBA tally is correct. Cheers, Doc

  3. Victoria police won the title in 1998 (12 years ago) so it’s been more than a decade at least since FMM, SFU, or Shotts has won it. great show from every band, even in the qualifier!!

  4. Not to be argumentative, but here is the tie breaking rule from the RSPBA website: In a contest where the final result shall be decided by combined performance totals and in the event of a tie, the preferences shall be as follows: 1st Preference ………. Ensemble combined overall totals Boghall was 4 and 4 if I read the sheets correctly, and SFU was 3 and 3. That would put SFU third. Can’t post link, Google RSPBA results.

  5. Doc, I believe your assumption is incorrect. Here is the tie breaking rule from the RSPBA site: In a contest where the final result shall be decided by combined performance totals and in the event of a tie, the preferences shall be as follows: 1st Preference ………. Ensemble combined overall totals SFU was 3 and 3 in ensemble, Boghall was 4 and 4. Ergo, SFU takes it. At least that’s how I see it. Jim

  6. Doc: You may be thinking of Drumming contests, MSR is the tie-breaker in those. From rule 3.84: In a contest where the final result shall be decided by combined performance totals and in the event of a tie, the preferences shall be as follows: 1st Preference ………. Ensemble combined overall totals

  7. Looks like there’s a new factor to consider for the worlds…….. The Wednsday Concert. Last year SFU won the title after playing the concert and this year SLOT, so watch out for Scottish Power next year 🙂

  8. My bad, the MSR prefernece is in regards to drum corps results/prizes. Chalk another one up for Andrew, he was right on the money with this one! Cheers, Doc

  9. I’m glad the RSPBA has sorted out 3rd and 4th but it should not happen. Does no-one check the compilers counting?. This is like sticking a pin in a balloon, instant deflation for the band which loses out. The biggest contest of the year but same old RSPBA

  10. Yes you’d think that with the technology available to us these days, results could be compiled instantly by more than one method, checked, verified, and confirmed beyond doubt.We can all understand human error, but electronic double checking. or even simple two heads are better than one technology, may have saved the day. I feel sorry for the two bands who went through one set of emotions in response to the announced results, and then had another emotional response to go through, tho I expect the 4-3rd was easier to accept than the 3-4th. The consolation I guess is that they’re all in there somewhere, and maybe not so much in it.Still unfortunate though.

  11. It’s a pity the surprise and tension was ruined by the mis-timed placing of a 10ft wide ‘Champions’ sign in front of St Laurence O’Toole before Ian Embelton could make the big announcement. No complaints at all with the result though, SLOT are very worthy and gracious winners!

  12. Congratulations to Terry, Stephen and all the band members on becoming both the 2010 World Champions and World Champions Drum Corps. A great result. Concert was very enjoyable. Looking forward to the DVD. Best of luck at Cowal.

  13. Guys, I was talking to someone who does know what happened. This wasn’t a compiler error, the compiler done their job and they computed the results correctly. However, the RSPBA use non pipe band people to compile now after the last mistake in 2003. On seeing the tie the compiler spoke to the NATIONAL COUNCILLOR not the computer and asked how the sort should be done. It was the national councillor who told them to sort on MSR preference rather than Ensemble preference. So not a computer error at all, a HUMAN error of the national councillor in charge of compiling on the day. Just for the record folks!



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