Published: August 07, 2014

2014 World’s Week Grade 1 practice schedules

Denny & Dunipace Gleneagles
Practice Schedule: Sunday, Aug 10: 11am-1pm, Masonic hall, Denny; Wed, Aug 13: 7:30-9:30pm, West Park Church, Denny; Thur, Aug 14: 7:30-9:30, Social Club, Bonnybridge.

Dowco-Triumph Street
Practice Schedule: Mon-Thur, 1-3pm, Kelvingrove Park; open public practice, National Piping Center, Wed, 5pm.
Note: Staying at the Murano Street student village in Mary hill.

Field Marshal Montgomery
Practice Schedule: Between 2 and 4pm, Kelvingrove Park, Wed and Thur.
Note: “If it’s raining, time and location might change. Visitors are welcome.”

Greater Glasgow Police
Note: Concentrating on preparation for Wed Ceolry Concert. Practicing Thur, but unsure of location.


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