April 22, 2024

(Un)serious businesses: Sutherland wins the Medley, Drummond takes MSR and Joke events, at City of Edinburgh’s Wheel of Fortune

Craig Sutherland not joking around as he executes his winning medley.

Danderhall, Scotland – April 21, 2024 – Craig Sutherland and Cameron Drummond were serious winners in the City of Edinburgh Pipe Band’s Pipe-Major’s Wheel of Fortune competition, probably the funnest piping contest in the world.

Sutherland won the challenging Wheel of Fortune medley, while Drummond won the MSR (“Donald MacLellan of Rothesay,” “The Ewe wi’ the Crookit Horn,” “Drumlithie”), was second in the Medley, and, as determined by the audience, told the funniest joke.

Glasgow’s Ciaran Ross, playing in the competition for the first time, was third in the Medley.

Sutherland, who hales from Perth, Scotland, spun the Golden Chanter to have assigned to him a piece that he has composed, a tune written by G.S. McLennan, a polka, two Irish jigs and two Irish reels, and then assemble a medley pretty much on the spot, which consisted of comprised “Biddy from Sligo,” “Islay’s Bow” (which he composed for his dog), “The Liberton Pipe Band,” “Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight,” “The Plevin Jig,” “Mrs. Crechan” and “McFadden’s Reel.”

Cameron Drummond (right) receives his cash prize from the Eagle Pipers Society’s Euan Anderson for winning the MSR at the annual P-M’s Wheel of Fortune competition.

As per the rules, Sutherland also added up to three tunes of his choosing, and he went with “Alex’s Haircut” and “The Fourth Floor,” both by Gordon Duncan.

Also competing were Ben Duncan, Craig Muirhead, John Mulhearn, Angus Nicolson and Callum Wynd.

The piping was judged by Robert Barnes, Ian Duncan and the audience.

Drummond’s joke was about the gates of heaven, Gwyneth Paltrow, three well-known faces in the piping world, and a wicked witch.

“We were delighted by the success of the event,” said City of Edinburgh’s Paul White. “We cannot thank enough the eight pipers who agreed to pit their wits against the Wheel of Fortune. They treated us to some great performances and kept everyone entertained from start to finish.”

Sponsors included Event sponsors included the Eagle Pipers Society, the Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust, Kilberry Bagpipes, McCallum Bagpipes and Unison Lothian Health Branch.






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