September 16, 2014

63% of pipes|drums readers say Yes to Scottish independence

scottish_vote_smallpipes|drums Magazine’s online readers’ poll, reflecting exactly the question and choices posed to qualified residents of Scotland on Thursday, September 18th, indicate that nearly two-thirds of the world’s pipers and drummers are in favour of Scottish sovereignty.

After two days of voting, to the question “Should Scotland be an independent country?” 63% had answered Yes, while 37% answered No.

The Scottish referendum has drawn the attention of the world and the world’s media. The extraordinary decision has been described as a once in a lifetime opportunity for a country and, in Scotland’s case, the first time in more than 300 years that such a referendum has been permitted.

Locations of voters reflect that of pipes|drums’ readership, with more than half of participants being from countries in Great Britain. Analytics with the polling software delineate only sovereign nations, with no ability to break out the four countries that comprise the UK.

Location of survey participants:

  • United Kingdom – 54%
  • Canada – 23%
  • United States – 16%
  • Australia – 1%
  • New Zealand – 1%
  • Ireland – 1%
  • Rest of world – 4%

With survey respondents from the UK, those in the Yes camp are at 68%, while the No side is at 32%.

Canadians are narrowly against Scotland being an independent country, with 51% saying No, and 49% Yes. US participants are on the Yes side, with 60% saying Yes and 40% responding No.

Multiple votes from a single IP address were deleted.

“As with all of our polls, it’s a snapshot of how our readers think overall,” said pipes|drums editor Andrew Berthoff. “It’s a decent gauge of the temperament of the world’s pipers and drummers, and obviously is not an indication of how the actual vote will go on Thursday. The eyes of the world are on Scotland, and that of course includes our readers.”

The poll will remain open until Wednesday night and readers who have not yet participated are encouraged to cast their opinion.

Scientific surveys of the eligible voters of Scotland indicate that the referendum is neck-and-neck.


  1. It’s interesting that those who would not be affected by this vote and may not understand or have to live with its consequences would have this pro-independence sentiment. Those in the USA would not be as quick to comment if Rick Perry had actually started a move to have Texas succeed from the US, as he suggested a few years ago. What goes around comes around!



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