April 11, 2024

78th Highlanders and Dartmouth & District collab again on “Highland Harmony 2” concert

All too often, thanks in large part to our competition-art tradition, pipe bands from the same city have crosstown rivalries that make getting together on anything unthinkable to band members.

But for the second straight year, the Grade 1 78th Highlanders (Halifax Citadel) and Grade 3/5 Dartmouth & District from Nova Scotia, Canada, are getting together to promote piping and drumming with the second rendition of “Highland Harmony 2,” a “celebration of Scottish music and dance” on May 4th at the École du Carrefour in Dartmouth.

According to Blaise Theriault, pipe-major of the Grade 3 Dartmouth band and piper with the 78th Highlanders, the 2023 show was deemed “a great success with many lessons learned and opportunities to grow.” He added, “Several members of the 78th Highlanders have been helping the Dartmouth bands and instructing at their school for the last few years, so it is great to have both organizations team up and put on a show.”

The two organizations’ concert is designed to provide maximum entertainment for the public, help with fundraising for both groups and provide a vital performance experience, especially for younger members.

“It gives the local pipe band community and those who have an interest in piping or drumming a chance to hear everything from Grade 5 to a premier-grade band,” Theriault said. “There is some incredible talent in the Halifax area, but not many opportunities to witness it firsthand. Also, members of the lower-level bands appreciate the opportunity to play with some of the best musicians around.”

In addition to Theriault, the 78th Highlanders feature some of the world’s best pipers in the ranks, starting with Pipe Major Alex Gandy and co-Pipe Sergeant Bruce Gandy and continuing with Richard King, Scott Long, Iain MacDonald, Barbara MacDonald, and co-Pipe Sergeant Roderick MacLean. The two organizations realized several years ago that working together would be better for the whole scene.

Highland Harmony 2 will showcase the Dartmouth & District bands and the 78th Highlanders Halifax Citadel. Members of each band will perform solo and in groups, and there will also be Highland dancing.

There will be a silent auction to help raise additional funds, and all proceeds will go towards uniforms, instruments, travel and Dartmouth’s youth and adult piping and drumming programs.

Tickets are $33.28 – $12.50 and available online.

The Canadian Maritime provinces have traditionally enjoyed a closer-knit and positive piping and drumming culture, placing their shared love of music over competition.





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