December 31, 2000

ANAPBA Reports on ‘Distance Learning’

The Alliance of North American Pipe Band Associations has issued a committee report on “Distance Learning” in which it suggests ways that technology could be used to educate and train pipers across North America.

“It is recognized that week-to-week, one-on-one instruction is the most effective method for advancement of pipers and drummers,” the report states. “This report presents some ideas on using current video conferencing technology to permit access to prominent North American instructors by students across the continent for one-on-one instruction.”

While currently an expensive proposition, using the Internet to teach piping and drumming would appear an ideal solution for those in remote areas without access to qualified instructors.

Said one insider: “It’s pretty clear that the Internet could have an even bigger impact on piping and drumming around the world than the advent of the personal tape recorder in the 1960s.”

The ANAPBA report would appear to be the first of its kind among piping and pipe band associations.


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