November 30, 2007

Allen returns as PPBSO President; tenor drummer minimums set for top grades

Bob Allen and Bill MacLeod, made President and Vice-President at the PPBSO's annual general meeting in Acton, Ontario, November 3, 2007.Bob Allen, who served as President of the Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario from 1997 to 2005, was again elected to the position at the organization’s annual general meeting in Acton, Ontario. Allen won the post in an election against incumbent President, Ron Rollo, who filled the role since 2005.

Bill MacLeod was acclaimed PPBSO Vice-President after incumbent Colin Clansey announced his resignation half-way through his two-year term. Clansey, an officer in the Canadian Forces, decided to step down after he was informed that he is to serve in Afghanistan beginning in April 2008. MacLeod has worked with the PPBSO for many years as head of the organization’s Western Branch.

John Allen’s two-year term as PPBSO Treasurer was renewed, also by acclamation.

Outgoing PPBSO President makes a few final points at the organization's annual general meeting, while Secretary Barb MacRae and Vice-President Colin Clansey look on.
For the first time, top grade bands competing at PPBSO sanctioned contests will be required to have tenor drummers in the ranks, with a minimum of two in both Grade 1 and Grade 2. Motions for tenor drummer requirements in Grade 3 and Grade 4 bands were defeated.

In terms of motions tabled, the 54 members, representing approximately five per cent of the PPBSO’s total membership, voted to carry the following rules and policies:

  • B-3.1 be amended to read: “Master Entry Form. The Society shall post the official solo and band master entry forms on its website, available for download prior to the 18th of May each year.”
  • D-7.1 Substitute Bass Drummer be amended to read: “Procedure for Selection. In the event of a bass drummer being unable to compete with his/her band a temporary replacement can be found using the following guidelines in order: a) A player within that band, and on the roster, can play the bass drum. Rule D-6 remains in effect. b) A bass drummer from the same organization, but in a lower grade, may replace the registered bass drummer.
  • Policy: That the PPBSO negotiate for five platforms at Highland games to allow all professional solo piping and drumming events to be played on wooden platforms. The dimensions of the platforms shall be no smaller than 9′ x 9′ with a height of no less than 2″.
  • C-15.4 (e) be amended to read: “Professional Rhythm Tenor competitors shall play a March, Strathspey & Reel, and as a separate contest a Hornpipe & Jig. All tunes be a minimum of four parts.”
  • D-6.2 be amended to read: “Grade 1. Minimums for Grade 1 are 8 pipers, 3 snare drummers, 1 bass drummer and two tenor drummers.”
  • D-6.3 be amended to read: “Grade 2. Minimums for Grade 2 are 6 pipers, 2 snare drummers, 1 bass drummer and two tenor drummers. Grade 2 pipe bands may add a higher-grade piper as its Pipe-Major only in addition to the minimum 6 other pipers, provided that he or she is registered as their piping instructor. Grade 2 pipe bands may add a higher-grade drummer as their Leading-Drummer only, in addition to the minimum 2 other snare drummers, provided that he or she is registered as their drumming instructor. Grade 2 pipe bands may add a higher-grade tenor drummer as their Leading-Tenor-Drummer only, in addition to the minimum 2 other tenor-drummers, provided that he or she is registered as their tenor-drumming instructor.

Also passed was a motion to allow drum-majors to enter on the day of a competition.

Before leaving the presidency in 2005, Allen was honoured at a special dinner attended by more than 100 PPBSO members and friends.


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