July 31, 2010

BBC says that live streaming of 2010 World’s still not decided

Despite reports from sources close to the matter, the BBC has still not determined if it will once again stream the Grade 1 events from the 2010 World Pipe Band Championships, as pipes|drums had previously reported. Grigor Stirling, Outside Broadcast Director at BBC Scotland, contacted pipes|drums to clarify the situation.

“We are obviously  hoping to stream the event again, but given the current financial situation we have not yet been able to confirm this,” said Stirling. “We are in the process of carrying out a detailed cost comparison and  hope to confirm our  plans by the start of August.”

The BBC has this year faced substantial cutbacks that have impacted its broadcasting across all sectors. The organization is funded by a £3.6-billion annual license fee from UK citizens. While the broadcaster has introduced cutbacks, its “BBC Worldwide” division posted record profits of £145 million in 2009, up 37 per cent.

A source with the RSPBA had indicated that video streaming of the 2010 World’s was “not 100 per cent.”

The BBC has reportedly confirmed plans to develop another taped special program for television for broadcast after the competition. Jackie Bird and Bob Worrall will again host and provide commentary for the program.


  1. Perhaps, we as viewers might pay into a performers fund to assist the bands with their costs, after all the BBC appears to be profitable – not so the bands!

  2. I must say – I do think it’s very silly of the BBC to offer it for free; why should british tax payers pay for something that everyone else in the world is getting for free? It’s unfair to the British citizens! The BBC should charge something for all of the minions to watch it 😉

  3. News Flash for you, Grigor Stirling – The television watching populous of Scotland has pumped an extra £3 per household in 2010 onto what you had to spend in 2009. That makes you better off than you were last year. Unless the cost of sending a lorry, a Web techy, a couple of sound monkeys, Jackie Bird and Uncle Bob two miles up the Clyde to Glasgow Green for a day has escalated beyond the increase in the TV Licence fee, save the ‘current financial climate’ jibber-jabber for the politicians and stream the bloody Worlds!

  4. I am not interested in paying for it when I can see it on Youtube a few hours or a day later. They should just stream it and use the advertising dollars like any other production. Maybe some other company could stream and and give the BBC the boot?

  5. Curt – unfortunately your idea wouldn’t work, as the BBC are unable to make money from advertising. BBC funding comes predominantly from TV licence costs in the UK. I do agree with the your other comment though – perhaps the live streaming should be put out to tender and undertaken by a company that can make the money from advertising. Either that, or you do just pay to view it – I don’t agree that you’d be able to see it on youtube to the same quality as you’d get from cameras and microphones that are in and around the competition circle. That said, I think suvfifer is correct – I don’t think the BBC can charge for online content.

  6. I’d be more than willing to pay for it – I’d rather have it outsourced and the ‘option’ to pay to watch the stream than nothing at all and having to wait for some annoying youtube videos where you’re looking at the back of someone’s head and the audio is crappy mono – THEN you have to wait several weeks/months for the high quality DVD or CDs to come out….auughh!! I’d pay – as long as its not being commentated by that annoying blond broad who did the BBC documentary – there’d have to be a discount for that 🙂

  7. To me it should be pay-per-view this year. Last year you got a taste of what it’s like…..this year – cough up…….I’m already paying a licecnce fee so why not everyone else pay a fee to watch the streaming? Not through the BBC – they can’t accept payment but surely someone will take this one on?

  8. I am most happy to pay and I think tendering out to a media group that can handle both the broadcasting and advirtising is a solid idea. But lets go further; lets organise to have it broadcasted in 3D and sponsored by the likes of Panasonic or a similar TV brand that is pushing their 3DTVs! 😀



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