March 31, 2005


A new “Blogpipe” feature is another first for the piping and drumming publishing community, providing thought-provoking opinion and discussion on current issues.

“‘Blogpipe’ is the first blog that we know of for organized piping and drumming information Web sites,” says Andrew Berthoff, editor and publisher. “The blog will differ from the main News, Reviews, Features, and Results sections on the site in that personal opinion and commentary will be standard.”

Blogpipe will delve in to issues that do not necessarily qualify as formal news on the site. While the site will continue to maintain its large archive, Blogpipe will provide ongoing commentary and insight from a personal perspective.

Readers will be able to contribute their own comments to article, and the best will be published along the way.

We hope that visitors to the site will enjoy “Blogpipe” and that the new feature stimulates more intelligent and active discussion on important piping and drumming issues.


What do you think? We always want to hear from our readers, so please use our comment system to provide your thoughts!

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