April 30, 2002

Business As Usual for Dunbar Bagpipes

Despite the sad loss on April 13 of the company’s founder, Jack Dunbar, J. Dunbar Bagpipe Maker Ltd. states that “business is stronger than it ever has been before.”

While it was unclear to Piper & Drummer Online as to the status of the operation immediately following Dunbar’s death, company vice president Rick Pettigrew states that, while staff are grieving over Dunbar’s passing, the business continues.

“Let me assure you that our business is stronger than it ever has been before, and it is fully my intention to keep it that way,” said Pettigrew. “Jack built something very special here, and I am extremely proud to carry on that tradition. We are entirely family owned, and although the share structure will now be re-aligned, it will continue to be a fully family run business.”

Piper & Drummer Online mistakenly reported that Dunbar suffered a long illness. In fact, he became ill only eight days before his sudden death.

Jack Dunbar was known as a pioneer in the use of synthetic materials. The company offers a complete set of pipes made from Polypenco, as well as a full range of instruments made of African blackwood.


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