March 31, 2001

CPA Establishes New B and C Grade Contests

The Competing Pipers Association (CPA) has successfully negotiated with five Scottish Highland games to create new competitions reserved for pipers with “B” and “C” CPA gradings.

Inverary, Blairgowrie, Perth, Roseneath & Clynder, and
Montrose have agreed to hold special competitions for these players, thus making them some of the first graded events in Scotland’s history.

Typically, non-major Scottish competitions have basically two contest levels: Senior and Under-18. The Senior events are open to all adult pipers, no matter what their proficiency might be.

“I personally hope it will be the start of establishing proper graded competitions as exist in North America,” said Colin MacLellan, president of the CPA. “The funding has been very kindly provided by William Grant’s & Sons, and the judges will be from the Joint Committee for Judging list.”

MacLellan added that the CPA is looking for one more competition to make it a series of six. At the end of the outdoor season, an award will be presented to the piper with the best aggregate points.

“These contests are designed also the allow B and C grade members to have further opportunities to build track records for their entry to the Argyllshire Gathering and the Northern Meeting.”


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