March 31, 2009

CPA formalizes C-Grade competitions

At the conclusion of the Duncan Johnstone Memorial Competition at the National Piping Centrein Glasgow, Competing Pipers Association President John-Angus Smith announced a C-Grade competition “infrastructure” that will complement existing B-Grade events. Smith said that more than 40 per cent of CPA membership is now graded C, 30 per cent B and the remaining 30 per cent grade A or “Premier.”

Some eight Scottish solo competitions will offer C-Grade events in 2009, he said, each working closely with the CPA to establish criteria.

“This series of competitions sets out a platform on which pipers can compete against competitors of similar ability and track records at B- and C-Grade levels,” Smith commented.
C-Grade events will be offered at the following contests, some maintaining an “Open” light music event in which all competitors take part:
  • Duncan Johnstone Memorial
  • Blair Atholl
  • Rosneath
  • Inveraray
  • Montrose
  • Perth
  • Cowal
  • Blairgowrie

The CPA will maintain a scoring system to determine overall winners in each grade. The organization will fund the C-Grade league in 2009, and Smith acknowledged the support of Glenfiddich, which sponsors the B-Grade events at Blair Atholl, Rosneath, Inveraray, Montrose, Perth and Blairgowrie.

Unlike the rest of the world, UK competitions mandate that all solo pipers older than 18 compete in “senior” events around the games. The only formal amateur system is the National Piping Centre’s “CLASP” competitions, which allow adult amateur pipers to maintain their amateur status at select events. Some have said that the C-Grade category is equivalent to a Grade 1 Amateur standard in other parts of the world.




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