April 30, 2003

Cambridge Returns to Ontario Games Circuit

The Cambridge (Ontario) Highland Games have returned to the Ontario competition fold after initially believing that it would not be able to hold a 2003 event.

The event will take on the same format as 2002, offering only amateur solo piping and drumming competitions. There will be no band, tenor drumming, or drum-major events.

For many years, the Cambridge games were one of the pre-eminent contests in Ontario, even boasting the unofficial title “Canadian Championships.” The event ran into financial difficulties in 2000, carrying on but reducing its costs by eliminating band and professional solo events.

“I received a telephone call about three weeks ago stating that the Cambridge committee had been reorganized and it wanted to proceed with games again this year on July 19,” said Bob Allen, PPBSO President. “We met with the new chair and agreed that the same format as last year should apply. It is
their wish to eventually regain the status Cambridge enjoyed a few years ago: full games with all grades of bands.”

Competitors wishing to enter for the Cambridge games simply need to add the information to the PPBSO’s Master Entry Form, which had already been printed before the resurrection of the Cambridge event.

In the late 1990s the Cambridge Highland Games endured negative publicity when an unfortunate spectator was hit in the head with an errant caber from the heavy athletic events.


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