September 30, 2009

City of Regina awarded Montreal Grade 2 second-prize

The Grade 2 City of Regina Pipe Band has been officially elevated by the Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario from third to second in the Grade 2 result at the 2009 Montreal Highland Games after the PPBSO realized a mistake in the recalculation of points after the Grade 2 Glengarry Pipe Band had its disqualification corrected.
As a result, the Grade 2 St. Andrew’s Society of Winnipeg Pipe Band dropped to third-place.
The PPBSO has also awarded City of Regina the difference in prize money for the better placing, and has insisted that St. Andrew’s Society of Winnipeg keep its second-prize money, again taking full responsibility for the mistake.
“PPBSO officials apologize to all those affected,” said PPBSO President Bob Allen. “With Glengarry’s ranking recognized, the judges’ points allotted to the three disciplines of course are factored into the ranking calculation of other bands. As a result, City of Regina moved from third to second, and St. Andrew’s Society of Winnipeg dropped from second to third. Unfortunately, this was not noticed at the time by PPBSO officials, but Regina has now been made aware of its elevation to second place and a cheque for the difference in prize-money will be remitted.”
Regarding the erroneous decision to disqualify Glengarry, Allen said, “The games progressed in a continual downpour, although the start-time was somewhat delayed. During the Grade 2 band contest, I was called on to interpret Rule D-6.3, as Glengarry had played without tenor-drummers. My reading of the rule led me to the conclusion that tenors were required and, therefore, the band was disqualified. Days later this decision was reversed after speaking with various individuals. Glengarry was notified, with an apology given and accepted.”
Allen confirmed that the $100 difference in prize-money was covered by the PPBSO itself, and not the Montreal games, since the mistake was that of his organization.
“The band is delighted with the way things turned out for us at Montreal,” said Iain MacDonald, City of Regina pipe-major. “We have had nothing but positive experiences in all the years we’ve competed at PPBSO Games, and we’re very happy that PPBSO officials have moved so quickly to rectify this error.”




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