January 31, 2010

College of Piping again searching for new Director

After four months in the job, Kendra MacGillivray has resigned as Executive Director of the College of Piping & Celtic Performing Arts of Canada.
MacGillivray was appointed in August 2009, succeeding Mike Paterson who left the position in June 2009 after being hired three months before.
The organization will now go through a third Executive Director search since the untimely death of Scott MacAulay in September 2008. MacAulay was the original leader of the organization and, many contend, the driving force behind the College of Piping’s success.
MacGillivray is a native of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, and is well known as a Celtic fiddler and pianist.
Before hiring Paterson, the organization conducted a lengthy search to fill the vacant position, with candidates reportedly including the well known pipers James MacHattie and Fraser Clark.


  1. The college probably needs to get two people in there, A head of piping and a director. I don’t think people understand what a talent Scott was, being able to direct not only the piping, and get amazing instructors, but to also lead the college financially. I was a student for a year, and saw the constant work he was doing first hand with local buisnesses and securing a new campus” in Charlettetown. It takes a special blend of skills to do both



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