May 31, 2008

Dowco Triumph Street, LA Scots split Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa, California – May 24-25, 2008 – The Dowco Triumph Street Pipe Band had a successful outdoor competition debut in Grade 1 by winning the March, Strathspey & Reel on the second day of the Costa Mesa Highland Games in California. The Los Angeles Scots won the Medley event on the first day. Triumph Street won the drumming on both days.Medley1st LA Scots2nd Dowco Triumph Street3rd James Coyne Memorial (Gr. 2)Drumming: Dowco Triumph Street MSR 1st Dowco Triumph Street2nd LA Scots3rd James Coyne MemorialDrumming: Dowco Triumph Street Judges on both days were Alasdair Gillies, Campbell Naismith and Larry Willis.


  1. Sounds like the only reason” you posted is to try and downplay what is very much a gauge as you put it. Splitting the weekend with a seasoned band like LA Scots (10 years in grade one) on a first contest in the big grade is hardly a small feat for Triumph Street or any band. Winnng drumming both days against a very talented drum corps also is not small accomplishment. I do believe that LA Scots have never been outside of the top ten at the Worlds. Not a bad gauge indeed. As far as listening to youtube

  2. My goodness there is some hyper-sensitivity around this topic is there not? Instead of wrapping them up in cotton wool, and being so precious about it all, why not just accept that people are allowed to express opinions and let the results speak for themselves in a big field of bands. That is the gauge. It still is early days, trust me. It is the start of what is hopefully a long and decorated grade 1 history for Triumph St. Welcome to the game and good luck! I was actually supportive of the band, and was actually addressing some early excitement from a poster. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

  3. Winning one element in a two horse race is hardly a gauge. It maybe tells us more about how LA Scots are travelling at this time of the year. Early days though. Heard and saw You Tube footage of TSPB’s performance (if that counts). Not bad, on the right track, but they know there is a long way to go yet. Especially if they want to play a Medley at the Worlds. I wish them well. Seems like a good crew of people.



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