November 30, 2010

Drumming-contest-by-video hopes to uncover new talent

For the last 15 years Tyler Fry of Kincardine, Ontario, has been energetically teaching his gospel of mid-section creativity to all corners of the earth, and now he’s spearheading an innovative new contest that he hopes will bring the world’s creativity back to him.

Fry has launched an all-online drumming competition – with a twist. Contestants must submit their performances by video, and he – naturally – uses a YouTube video to explain the concept. The competition comprises three events: “Tenor Choice,” that calls for new “tricks” performed on a pipe band tenor drum; “Open,” for anyone with drumsticks and a drum or drums of any type, including those not made specifically for pipe bands; and “Junior Tenor Division,” for tenor-drummers younger than 15.

Each contestant must video their tricks and post the maximum three- or two-minute clips to YouTube. The number of views that the video receives will be taken into account by the judges. Fry cautions that participants “should not attempt anything that may be harmful to yourself, or others, or that may cause damage.”

Prizes include a selection of Fry’s merchandise, cash vouchers and cash ranging from $200 to $100. According to Fry, the contest will be judged by him and “an international team . . . from every corner of the world – not just consisting of pipe band bass, snare and tenor drummers but other professional percussionists as well.  I will also be bringing a few ‘pipe band fanatics’ on board for their vote.”

The official launch of the video competition is November 15, 2010, and winners will be decided in January 2011.


  1. A very innovative idea….for the brainwashed masses.” I can see hundreds of zombified drummers filling out their entry forms as they drool on their keyboards…mindlessly submitting and exchanging new ideas online. All in the hopes of claiming some cheesy trinket or cash prize. What a shameless ploy for self-promotion! Or could this be a communist plot to subvert pipe bands…remember the “Domino Effect”! Traitorous! You really are a funny guy Lawrie! But take heart

  2. Maybe you’re right Lawrie; maybe he is laughing all the way to the bank. However, why shouldn’t he? No matter what you, I or anyone else thinks of tenor drumming, Tyler Fry works damned hard at promoting it, not solely for financial gain but more so, because he’s promoting what he believes is the correct way forward. Add to that, the fact that he ‘donates’ more prizes and freebies to other contests than any other piping or drumming company around and that may begin to strengthen that question/opinion of why shouldn’t he?”. Furthermore

  3. Cool idea. Make everyone come up with their own FLOURISHES” or “TRICKS!” instead of just copying whats put out their by a hadful of people. ice idea Tyler”

  4. Is this a ‘paid announcement’ by any chance? Sounds like nothing more than someone setting themselves up to seize control over the brainwashed masses, and to not have to travel as much. Imagine if all pipers were taught centrally and adopted the same ‘style’. Zzzzzz!

  5. Lawrie…I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Neither the article nor the video announcing the contest make any mention of dishmops. The contest requires the use of drumsticks and a drum(s). The rules do seem pretty open to interpretation, but I really can’t see a dishmop as a viable alternative to a drumstick or mallet. The sound would surely suffer. This contest just seems to value and reward creativity. What’s wrong with creativity? Shouldn’t it be encouraged rather than stifled?



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