July 31, 2010

Drumming for Drinks preps for all manner of musical mayhem

The event has become one of the year’s most popular with pipe band percussionists, and this year’s Drumming for Drinks recital-competition-madhouse looks to be no exception, 15 players from around the world vying for prizes and the accolades of their peers.

This year’s Innovation Glasgow 2010 – Drumming for Drinks is scheduled for Wednesday, August 11, at the Lord Todd Bar at the University of Strathclyde, beginning at 1 pm. Tickets are £10 and available at


Pipe band snare, tenor and bass drummers from a total of six nations will contend for £500, a Pearl drum, a Remo Pro Pad and Hardcase in freestyle events where the only rule is that they must play their instrument. Past years’ performances have included stripteases, snare drumming hip-hop and all manner of mayhem always in front of a packed – and well lubricated – crowd. The boisterous crowd determines the winners.

So far conformed to compete:

Bass Drummers

Snare Drummers

Tenor Drummers

“We may add one or more drummers to the line-up in the coming weeks,” said organizer Scott Currie.

Last year Switzerland’s Top Secret  Drum Corps made a surprise guest appearance, attending the event in between performances at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. “We are working on bringing in another surprise  guest  to entertain our audience at the conclusion of the competition,” Currie added.

Last year’s competition was won by Cameron Trotter (bass), Graham Bown (snare) and Andrew Elliott (tenor).


  1. @Humdrum123 I don’t think you’re giving Innovations credit for all that they already do. In fact many of you ideas” are already covered by D4D. Putting the “paying audience and public first” doesn’t mean make the event free

  2. Just remember, it’s always fun until somone loses and eye. Drinking, drumming, and wearing a Mr. Peanut suit don’t mix. So leave the suit at home.

  3. Never thought I would see the day when we need to behave like clowns in order to attract people to watch drummming. Makes me ashamed to be to be associated with pipe bands when we have to lower ourselfs to this level to create entertainment. Surely we can do better than this. The only folk really laughing is the people who are selling the tickets. When did you ever see pipers having to act like this to draw a crowd.

  4. Actually, the whole room is there enjoying the fun and the drumming, not to mention the creativity of all involved. Some people’s uptight, rigid attitudes to music and performance make pipe bands less fun at times. D4D is always a great musical display, and a lot of fun, too. How can that be bad for piping and drumming?

  5. Yes, an absolute shame that the standing room only crowd and performers are having a great time. People being creative and stepping out of their stuffy kilts one day on the week before the world’s, and cheering each other on….a horrible disgrace! And, instead of playing for a cheesy piece of traveling tin, there are drums and cash prizes. What is the world coming to?

  6. And that attitude Ladies and Gentlemen is why we have fewer and fewer Highland Games each year. The concept is really simple: Put your paid public/audience first (by giving them what they want in terms of atmosphere and entertainment) and treat your competitors/performers the way they deserve to be treated as professional musicians (by reinvesting the gate revenues in THEM). Thanks for the constructive feedback! We are really looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday, August 11 @ 1:00 PM! Be sure to get your tickets early as this will once again be a sold out show. Sincerely, Tyler

  7. I absolutely, 100% agree with TyFry; And drumming for drinks is not suppose to be serious. It’s a time where pipe band people DON’T have to be serious. It’s a great time, with great people. It really helps loosen you up for the World’s also.

  8. We’ve not had any complaints from any of the Gold Medal winners who have piped so superbly for some of our drummers. If it’s not your thing, no problem. Some people like to sit in a darkened room listening to old Canntaireachd tapes, others like to have a beer with friends and enjoy quality percussionists letting their hair down. Horses for courses, my friend.

  9. I think everything Innovation does is already as clear as it needs to be to everyone concerned. We don’t hold a gun to anyone’s head to accept our invitations to participate or join our audience. People come along because they accept what we do is viable, enjoyable and great value for £10. We must be doing something right when 500 people leave Todds Bar with happy faces. Why not come along, you might enjoy it?

  10. We have some fantastic musicians in the piping and drumming world and for the most part, we see their backs. This is an incredible opportunity for these drummers to showcase something other than two three pace rolls and an MSR. Having only been fortunate enough to attend one of these contests, I can tell you that the last thing on anyone’s mind is that a certain drummer didn’t play a traditional strathspey. Maybe it’s time to move forward with the art. I am very sure that with that kind of opinion, the organizers would be happy to sell your ticket to someone who actually appreciates what these “masters” are doing. If you want traditional, go to the world solo drumming. This is supposed to be fun, but you seem to be trying to suck the life right out of it.

  11. Wow, I’m actually shocked that there is even arguments being made against this event. Tyler; please stop trying to take ticket sales from the Worlds. I got to see Graham Rap (sort of), and the Top Secret Drum corp. for 10 pound. That is unbelievable! What’s best, is I got to leave at one point, have beer, go see a friend play down at the piping Cetre, and come back and watch the rest. I didn’t have to dress up, or preted to care if I spoke to loudly during an act. If you have some ideas of a better way to put on a contest, please do so, I’m sure Ty Fry and company would be glad to support you in your endevours. keep having fun, it’s our only hope.



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