September 30, 2010

Dysart & Dundonald once again on the march under Canning and Innes; 30 already committed

The Cowal Championships on August 25, 2007, marked the last time that Dysart & Dundonald of Fife Scotland, made a competition appearance but, if things go ahead as planned, the famous-name band will emerge as a viable operation in time for the 2011 season.

Fife-natives Greig Canning and Lee Innes are spearheading the effort to resurrect the former World Champions as Pipe-Major and Lead-Drummer, respectively. According to Canning, there are 18 pipers, six snare drummers, five tenors and a bass on the roster.

“We are going to be competing in 2011,” Canning said. “We have a full, brand new set of Premier drums, a full set of Classic Mark 3 Shepherd chanters, full uniforms  and we are ready to go!”

Canning and Innes are both former members of Dysart & Dundonald, and Canning has more recently played with Manawatu Scottish of New Zealand and House of Edgar-Shotts & Dykehead. He said that most of the members are “old Dysart faithfuls” and that several others have come to the Dysart from the now-defunct Grade 1 Clan Gregor Pipe Band, which collapsed after the 2008 season.

Dysart & Dundonald’s glory years were in the late-1970s when the band won consecutive World Championships in 1977 and 1978 under Pipe-Major Bob Shepherd. Canning said that Shepherd has sponsored the band with chanters, but “is not involved in the running of the band.”

When asked if the restarted band would return as a Grade 1 band, Canning said, “That will be a matter for the  [RSPBA] Music Board and will be out of our hands to an extent. All we will  be doing is putting the best band together that we  possibly can and let that take its course.”

The band will start regular practices on September 30th. Canning added that the practices will operate in an “open door” manner, with anyone wishing to attend being welcome at Dundonald Institute, 18 Main Street, Dundonald, Cardenden, Fife.


  1. Good news for sure, and well done to all concerned on getting Dysart up and running again. On behalf of the guys in Manawatu, wishing you all the very best with the band Greig and every success in the future. Cheers, Stewart McKenzie

  2. Wish them the best but have to say there is always the usual ‘exageration of the truth’ with these stories. I think the term ‘several’ clan pipers is maybe a bit misleading as many went serveral places. However, I do wish them the best and will watch with interest in the development of the band. Seem to be young and determined which is a good start but good leadership and certain skills come with experience and age. Stick at it and Im sure it’ll pay off. I also hear that young greig wilson is apparently the Pipe Seargent? All the best for the future guys.

  3. It’s great to see Dysart & Dundonald start up again. The band has a long history and tradition and has been around for a lot longer than many think. Dysart & Dundonald Pipe Band after all wasn’t what you call a flash in the pan. I’m confidant the community will once again support their local band and hopefully Fife will have two grade one bands to be proud of.



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