December 31, 2007

EUSPBA promotes Oran Mor to Grade 1

The Eastern United States Pipe Band Association (EUSPBA) has announced its regradings for the 2008 season and, along with five other bands in the lower grades moving up, the Oran Mor Pipe Band of Albany, New York, has been upgraded to Grade 1, making it the third active band in the United States to reach the premier grade.

The band enjoyed a strong 2007 season in Grade 2, with the highlight being its August trip to Scotland where it won the Grade 2 event at the Bridge of Allen games against 10 other Grade 2 bands and two bands in Grade 3 and Juvenile that played up on the day.

At the World Pipe Band Championships, Oran Mor finished first in its Grade 2 qualifying section, but then finished out of the prize list in the Final, finishing seventh overall, suffering from two tenth-place rankings from Iain MacLellan in piping and Bob Shepherd in ensemble.

The other US-based Grade 1 bands are City of Washington and the Los Angeles Scots. The Prince Charles Pipe Band of San Francisco is technically still Grade 1, but was not able to field a competition band last season.

Oran Mor reportedly applied to the EUSPBA to be moved to Grade 1. The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association upgraded only one band, Cullybackey of Northern Ireland, from Grade 2 after the band won the Grade 2 event at the World’s in 2007. Seven Towers, also of Ulster, won the RSPBA’s Champion of Champions title in Grade 2 for most points over the five RSPBA championships, but was not upgraded.


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  1. o-**! dark horse action. i’ve never actually heard these guys, except for a medley or two on youtube, but **** congrats and keep it up. prove your worth to all of us!

  2. well, they are now technically. i guess it’s cause i’m a west coast guy, but i don’t get why everyone’s buggin about oran mor. why not let them go in grade one status, and either fail and go back to gr. 2 to win again and prove everyone right, OR they can prove their worth. ****, it’d be nice to get some more gr.1 action in the good ol’ US of A; let ’em come to pomona and take on the heat!

  3. Some people insist on being called a Grade 1 band because it makes them feel better. A Donkey Kinda looks like a Horse , You can insist on people calling it a horse if it makes you happy but it’s really still just a Donkey.

  4. i think if they won maxville, like fredricton and maybe won the worlds, like what RMM gr2 did or triumph did at maxville as well …..yes Oran Mor won the qualifier at the worlds but failed to make it in the prize list. if you can’t beat grade 2 bands, how are you to succeed in grade one? maybe niagara and glengarry should move to grade one as well.



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