June 30, 2007

Georgetown opens Ontario outdoor season

As has become tradition, the first outdoor competition of 2007 on the Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario‘s schedule will take place on Saturday, June 9, in Georgetown, about 80 kilometres west of Toronto.

Georgetown is the first of the PPBSO’s 11 sanctioned Highland games for the year, and a full slate of solo and band competitions will be on offer. All of Ontario’s four Grade 1 bands – the Peel Regional Police, the Scottish Lion-78th Fraser Highlanders, the Toronto Police and the Windsor Police – are entered, and a total of 32 bands will compete.

Approximately 150 solo competitors, including 12 in the Professional Piping category, have entered for the morning competitions.

Not having “Champion Supreme” status, Georgetown is one of the smaller Ontario events, but it is seen by many as one of the more successful and family-friendly Highland games of the year with a park well suited to containing a minor contest.

The weather forecast for the day is sunny with a high of 23 degrees.

Stay tuned to pipes|drums for results from Georgetown as they become available.


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  1. I have a running bet with a friend that they will play atleast 30 at the worlds. They have 40 on the roster as far as I can tell. An interesting way to generate shop talk” about the band. Why not play 30 at GT.”

  2. Maybe people should spend more time practicing and less time worrying about what the SL78FHPB are doing. From what I can see from the results they seem to be doing just that. Why don’t they play 30 at GT” Well 27 is pretty close. I would like to see photos or a video of this…………..”

  3. Let’s see….I spent maybe 2 minutes posting my thoughts. I don’t believe mine, nor anyone elses practice schedule has anything to do with it. I think most people are in full support of the 78th and are exceited to see such a large band go out on the field.



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