October 31, 2004

German contest attracts strong entry

Dortmund, Germany – October 18, 2004 – A new contest put on by the Bagpipe Association of Germany (BAG) was held at the music school of Dortmund in western Germany. Because many new bands in Germany don’t have enough members to compete in full band contests, the first year was limited to Grade 4 quintets and solo events.

Grade 4 Quintets
1st Weilerswist & District, Germany
2nd Clan Pipers B, Frankfurt
3rd Crest of Gordon, Bremen, Germany
4th Wupper District, Solingen, Germany
5th Werl, Germany
6th Bielefeld, Germany

Solo Piping
Advanced MSR
1st Andreas Hambsch
2nd Victor Besch
3rd Anna Kummerloew
4th Jürgen Rech

Intermediate March
1st Hanno Brankamp
2nd Robert Kelly
3rd Claus Muehle
4th Sonja Ziesemer

Beginners Slow Air
1st Jan Sackowski
2nd Scott Cochrane
3rd Thomas Mette
4th Johan van Doesburg

Open Drumming
1st William Bell
2nd Christian Granrath
3rd Detlef Schonlau
4th Burkhard Hekers


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