March 31, 2008

German piping on the upswing at Karlsruhe contest

Karlsruhe, Germany – March 8-9, 2008 – Germany’s Highland piping scene continues to expand dramatically in terms of numbers and quality, and the annual competition 125 kilometres south north of Frankfurt in Karlsruhe, organized by the Bagpipe Association of Germany (BAG) ran more than 20 events over two days. The financial issues that BAG faced in 2007 have reportedly been resolved, with the organization once again in sound fiscal shape.Solo PipingOpen & Former WinnersOverall (Peter Brinckmann Memorial Trophy)1st Bernd Mößle2nd Andreas Hambsch3rd Stefan WagnerPiobaireachd (Open)1st Andreas Hambsch2nd Stefan Wagner3rd Bernd MößleMSR (Former Winners)1st Benedikt Groh2nd Bernd Mößle3rd Andreas Hambsch Hornpipe & Jig (Former Winners)1st Thomas Schalla2nd Bernd Mößle 3rd Stephan RauhAndrew Downie Jiggle Trophy (Open)1st Bernd Mößle2nd Andreas Hambsch3rd Stefan WagnerAdvancedHornpipe & Jig1st Alex Gehrig2nd Allen Grace3rd Leonhard BockMSR1st Alex Gehring2nd Leonhard Bock3rd Allen GraceExperienced2/4 March1st Christoph KammerStrathspey & Reel1st Christoph KammerIntermediate2/4 March1st Claus Müller2nd Anja Hoffmann3rd Sarah Barbis6/8 March1st Swea Klipsch2nd Monika Heß3rd Anja HoffmannSlow Air, Strathspey & Reel1st Robert Gunther2nd Christoph WarthPiobaireachd (Ground only)1st Michael Nickel2nd Christoph Warth3rd Hans GrothusenBeginnerSlow Air1st Michaela Klug-Offermann2nd Angela Fuchs3rd Patrick BlankMarch1st Angela Fuchs2nd Jessica Bulling3rd Tilmann SchüttlerSolo DrummingOpen1st Pierre Hübner2nd John CummingsIntermediate1st Pierre HübnerBeginners1st Manuel Ueberacher2nd Susanne LindnerBand QuintetsOpen1st Odenwald Pipes & Drums2nd Stuttgart University Pipe Band3rd Heidelberg and District Pipes & Drums 2Grade 41st Heidelberg and District Pipes & Drums 21st Heidelberg and District Pipes & Drums 11st Odenwald Pipes & Drums 1.


  1. Thank you for your attention, Stig! P|D did report, however, accurately. The pictured upswing” takes up the thread of an earlier coverage and refers to the BAG’s financial situation. The scene as such is groing in numbers. The BAG competition had more participants in the past

  2. There is something not quite right in this article. Never mind the geography is wrong, I get mixed up in North American geography as well. The point is that in an article (on BAG web-site) about the event Martin Kessler says the exact opposite as number of participants actually is diminishing and the fact that the BAG contest has turned into to be a south german regional contest rather than the international affair it was some years ago. Thumbs up for checking out piping in mainland Europe though.

  3. It caught my attention that you seem to have he same problems” in Karlsruhe as in Copenhagen. The venues becoming more local than earlier. Copenhagen Winter Competiton has no window problems though 😉 Cheers Stig”



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