July 31, 2011

Glengarry Pipe Band marks a half-century with events

Not many civilian pipe bands these days reach a half-century, but the Glengarry Pipe Band of Maxville, Ontario, will do exactly that over the next four days as the organization celebrates 50 years with reunions, a parade or two and not a little partying.

To mark its fiftieth year, the band has planned several events for alumni and supporters, including a 15-minute performance by past and present band members at the Pre-Games Tattoo on Friday, July 29th, before the Glengarry Highland Games at Maxville. The group will march on to the field en masse as part of the massive outdoor event, which attracts tens of thousands of spectators.

On Wednesday, July 27th, the band will hold a ticketed Alumni Dinner for band members, alumni, friends and supporters beginning at 6 pm.  Each ticket is $14 and available in advance by e-mail.

On the Saturday of the Glengarry Games the band will have an alumni reunion hospitality tent on the grounds, encouraging attendees to support the competing Glengarry bands.

Since forming in 1961, Glengarry has been a staple on the Ontario competition scene. Currently fielding competition bands at both the Grade 2 and Grade 5 levels, the top-grade band was promoted to Grade 1 in 1997 before settling back to the penultimate grade. The Grade 1 band is currently led by Pipe-Major Colin Clansey.


  1. (sung to the tune The Jolly Beggarman”) We are a little pipe band and Highlanders are we; We come from the county of Glengarry; We like to party from 5 until 3; come out to the pub and you shall see. Piping and Drumming is the name of the game; If you play your cards right you can even get “paid”; We play in the sun but would rather in the shade; we like the juice…and it ain’t lemonade.”

  2. About two hundred and fifty people attended the Glengarry Pipe Band Alumni and Friends chicken BBQ on Wednesday night. It was awesome to see people from every decade to share stories, meet old friends and listen to both the bands practice on a beautiful night at the games site.” Every alumni member is encouraged to play a few massed band tunes with the alumni band during a short performance at the Tattoo Friday night. I look forward seeing many of you this weekend! “

  3. Congrats Glenngarry!!! That’s a fantastic acheivement these days. Looking forward to my bands run of 50 straight year without interruption come 2014.



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