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September 30, 2010

Going loopy

Yo yo yo, Yo-Yo Ma and Yo Mama . . . Style Guy is in da house. I be getting’ down wid da styyyyle, hear wha’ I’m sayin’? Yo. Peace.

After being a midge on the wall at the Drumming for Drinks madhouse last month I thought I should get down with my crew, watching all those drummers ingratiate themselves, what with all the social japes and tomfoolery.  Sigh . . . where has all the Highland dignity gone?

No worries. Let’s see what The Style Guy’s letterbox looks like this time . . .

Hi Style Guy:

I’ve seen pictures of John D. Burgess wearing red laces in his  ghillie  brogues. I was just wondering if there was a shop that sold red laces specially. I’ve had a look on the web and so far  haven’t  found anything.

By the way things are looking I think I might have to dye some regular laces. Also, I’d be wearing them with the Ancient Cameron of Erracht tartan.



I love the red laces that everyone’s style hero, JDB, made something of a trademark. However, one must be very careful with the colours they accompany, otherwise it could result in an accompany lament.

Red laces with the ghillies are fine, provided you’re not wearing a clashing red with the rest of your ensemble. If you do have, say, prominent red in your kilt or red drone cords, the red of your laces must match exactly. Chances are, that won’t happen. But with your particular tartan, it’s a secondary red, so a close match with the laces could serve to pick out the red in the kilt nicely.

If you decide to go with the red laces, realize that you’re now being a bit of a dandy, so try to extend your elegance. You shouldn’t be foppish, but ensure that everything else fits nicely and is well chosen.


  1. I noticed Gordon Walker wearing red laces at the Dan Reid Memorial Invitational last year. It looked rather stylish on him. He certainly did not appear the ‘dandy’.



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