August 31, 2010

Good to be lucky: band logo results in whirlwind trip to China

Chinese culture places great importance on symbols, and there are few luckier images than the dragon. Little did the Grade 3 Greighlan Crossing Pipe Band of Vancouver know that, when it developed its new two-headed Celtic dragon logo, that it would be noticed by organizers of the  12th annual Beijing International Cultural Tourism Festival, resulting in the band being invited to China for a whirlwind eight-day tour beginning on September 15th.

The Government of Beijing Municipality and the China National Tourism Administration apparently did a search for multi-cultural acts, and happened upon Greighlan Crossing, seemingly attracted to the band’s lucky logo.

“I have competed for 40-plus years and have been to the World Pipe Band Championships many times, but going on this trip is something that is definitely out of the norm, it has all happened so fast,” said Pipe-Major Graham Davidson. “I think the organizers wanted the band once they saw our logo. Dragons are good luck in China. Turns out to be good luck for us!”

Because of the short notice between the invitation and the trip itself, not all members of the band can attend, so Greighlan Crossing will add to its ranks with members of a few members of neighbouring  bands Dowco-Triumph Street and White Spot.

Davidson said that in China the band will be in a parade and perform twice on stage at the Beijing Olympic Park. The tour will also include a visits to and performances at the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Ming Dynasty Tomb, Tiananmen Square and other landmarks and events, including the Miss Chinese Lady Beauty Pageant.


  1. What a great opportunity! I’ve been there five times and enjoy it very much. Our band, the Pasadena Scots, traveled to China in 2007. Pasadena is the sister city of the Xicheng District of Beijing and we were invited along with musical groups from sister cities in Australia, Spain, Japan and South Korea.



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