August 31, 2010

Grade 4 organizations combine to create new Grade 3 band

Two Grade 4 pipe band based in the Pacific Northwest have developed a novel agreement that will see the best of each group merge into a single new Grade 3 band, while leaving the existing Grade 4 bands intact.

The Northwest Junior Pipe Band of Seattle and the White Spot Pipe Band of British Columbia will bring together their up-and-coming pipers and drummers to cre4ate the new group, citing the “longstanding competitiveness, friendship and respect between the two bands” creating a “natural fit” with the organizations.

The intention is for the new Grade 3 band to compete starting with the 2011 season, with a continued emphasis on youth development.

According to a statement from both bands, “The short-term goal of this project is to give the senior talented pipers and drummers from both bands a chance to combine their considerable abilities for at least one season, and bring everyone’s playing experience to new levels. The long-term future will be decided by the members themselves at the end of this experimental year.”

The new band has designs on competing in the UK in the Juvenile grade. “This project is not restricted to the Northwest Junior and White Spot pipe bands,” the release continued. “Any qualified juvenile players from the Pacific Northwest are welcome, as long as there are no conflicts with their current bands.”

Kevin Auld is the Director and Instructor of the Northwest Junior band, while former Triumph Street Pipe-Major Hal Senyk is a White Spot instructor.


  1. Twenty quid says that at the end of this experimental season neither of the Gr IV bands will be in any shape whatsoever to compete, and at least one will have folded entirely… The old adage about serving two masters springs to mind.

  2. Danto, I’ll gladly take you up on your bet. You can donate 10 quid to White Spot and 10 quid to NWJPB when both organizations field talented youth bands again in 2012. Double or nothing? Todd Schiele, NWJPB President

  3. I’d like to point out that whether there are bands remaining or not meas absolutely nothing. What should be taken from this was two bands workign together to make a program, if for only a year (as open membership could throw them out of the juvenile grade quick), that promotes good bagpiping, and drumming. The fact that no band has broken up to make this happe is testement enough. Good luck to all three units next year and beyond.



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