November 30, 2010

Gray continues Falkirk tradition

Falkirk, Scotland – October 30, 2010 – Andrew Gray of Edinburgh was the winner of the Falkirk Banner, a competition organized by the Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust that put together four of Scotland’s best young pipers. The event commemorated the previous tradition of the Falkirk Tryst competition that began in 1781. The pipers played at the Bandstand in Callendar Square, and then marched to St. Modan’s Church graveyard, where the winner then followed the Tryst tradition and marched three times around the graves of Sir John Stewart, Sir John de Graeme and Sir Robert Munro.

Keith Christie, Dundee, Scotland; Callum Moffat, Lockerbie, Scotland; and Gregor Donald, Alva, Scotland also competed.

Again continuing the tradition, Andrew Gray received a set of pipes “of the best construction, decorated in sterling silver.”

Stuart Cassells and Gordon Walker judged the event.


  1. I am directed by the Committee of Judges, appointed by the Friends of the Falkirk Tryst to attend this competition, and to determine on the merits of the several candidates, to present you, Andrew Gray, with this pipe, as a premium for the skill you have displayed, in playing on this, the favourite instrument of your native country. It has long been the ardent wish of the Friends of the Falkirk Tryst, to maintain, and to encourage that martial spirit, by which the natives of Scotland have been so long, and so eminently distinguished. They are both convinced, that there are no means, by which that spirit can be more effectually nourished and kept up, than by preserving the music of the Highland pipe, which is of a nature so peculiarly warlike and inspiring, and which has been so often heard amidst the shouts of victory ! In the line of your profession, you could desire no higher reward, than to receive a mark of distinction from such useful and public spirited friends, and to have it delivered to you, at the close of such a competition, and in the presence of so respectable an audience. With this pipe, you are only to play upon great occasions, and we have no doubt that you will hand it down with pride to your posterity.



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