May 31, 2007

Growing Winchester Games reach soloist capacity

Winchester, Ontario – 12 May 2007 – The Winchester Games continues to expand with a larger entry from soloists, with the band events delayed in order to complete the individual contests. Good weather brought the games outdoors. The competition is run independently of the Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario.

Grade 2

1st Glengarry

Grade 3
1st Arnprior-McNab

Grade 4
Glengarry (Gr.4)
2nd Rob Roy
3rd Cameron Highlanders
4th Sons of Scotland

Grade 5
1st Sam Scott Memorial
2nd Sons of Scotland (Gr.5)
3rd Smiths Falls Gordons
4th Quigley Highlanders

Solo Piping
Open Amateur

Piobaireachd: 1st Karrie McLeod, 2nd Michael Fenton, 3rd Lyle Davidson. March: 1st Karrie McLeod, 2nd Allison MacDonald, 3rd Andrew Munro. S&R: 1st Andrew Munro, 2nd Allison MacDonald, 3rd Karrie McLeod. HP&J: 1st Karrie McLeod, 2nd Allison MacDonald, 3rd Jonathan Verrett

Grade 3
March: 1st William MacNeill, 2nd Allison Bell, 3rd Dan Cameron. S&R: 1st Allison Bell, 2nd William MacNeill, 3rd Dan Cameron.

Grade 4A
1st Matt Goral, 2nd MacGregor van de Ven, 3rd Lindsay Bell

Grade 4B
1st Michael McDonald, 2nd Adam Campbell, 3rd Michael Ahronson

Grade 5
1st James Letourneau, 2nd Terry Morin, 3rd Graeme Burns

Practice Chanter
1st Cameron Airth, 2nd Byron Birkett, 3rd James van de Ven

Junior Piobaireachd
1st Will Barton, 2nd David Campbell, 3rd William MacNeill

Novice Piobaireachd
1st Michael McDonald, 2nd Matt Goral, 3rd MacGregor van de Ven

40 and older
1st Dan Cameron, 2nd Peter Manderson, 3rd Sandy Creber

Solo Drumming
Open Amateur

1st Doug Crowe, 2nd Iain Bell

Grade 3
1st Daryl Fowlie

Grade 4
1st Troy Hamstra, 2nd James Riddick, 3rd Dylan Stewart

Grade 5
1st Francis McArdle, 2nd Keegan Melville, 3rd Shawn Melnyk

Drum Pad
1st Eric Doreen Pulling, 2nd Catherine Kern, 3rd Luke Kilpatrick

Events were judged by Andrew Hayes, Brian Williamson, Hugh Goldie, Kahlil Cappuccino and Steve Lanning.


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