May 31, 2005

Houlihan in form at Atholl Gathering

Blair Atholl, Scotland – May 29, 2005 – Nearly 50 pipers competed at the annual Atholl Gathering, Scotland’s first outdoor contest of the year. Margaret Houlihan of Glasgow was the big winner, taking the Open Piobaireachd and the Hornpipe & Jig. A third prize in the March, Strathspey & Reel secured the overall trophy for her.

Open Piobaireachd (22 played)
1st Margaret Houlihan
2nd Gordon McReady, Renfrew, Scotland
3rd Simon McKerrell, Edinburgh
4th Decker Forrest, Edinburgh
5th P-M Michael Gray, The Highlanders
6th Calum Beaumont, Bo’ness, Scotland
Judges: John Wilson, Jimmy Young

MSR (46 played)
1st Gordon McReady
2nd Alastair Dunn, Glasgow
3rd Margaret Houlihan
4th Simon McKerrell
5th Finlay Johnston
6th Ross McCrindle
Judges: John MacDougall, Duncan McDiarmid

Hornpipe & Jig (46 played)
1st Margaret Houlihan
2nd Andrea Boyd, Glasgow
3rd Gordon McReady
4th Finlay Johnston
5th Gareth Rudolph
6th Euan Dewar
Judges: Sandy Spence, Duncan Watson

CPA B&C Piobaireachd (28 played)
1st Alan Johnston
2nd Brian MacKenzie
3rd William Geddes
4th Ross McCrindle
5th Gareth Rudolph
Judges: Tom Speirs, Bruce Hitchings

The overall award and the CPA B&C Piobaireachd event were sponsored by Glenfiddich.


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