March 31, 2009

Livingstone to release more solo projects

Bill Livingstone of Whitby, Ontario, will soon release additional volumes of his Piobaireachd Diary CDs that feature both live and studio recordings and spoken-word commentary. Livingstone also said that is long-awaited Northern Man solo project is in final production stages and will be released early this summer.
There will be as many as three new installments to the Diary. Full content is not yet known, but Livingstone has indicated that tunes will include “A Flame of Wrath,” “Clan Campbell’s Gathering,” and “MacLeod of Colbeck’s Salute.”
The first two Piobaireachd Diary CDs were released in 2005.
He added that renditions of “A Piper’s Warning to His Master” will be part of the new series in both the Kilberry style and the Donald Macdonald setting discussed by Dr. William Donaldson describes in his pipes|drums Set Tunes Series.
Also part of the recordings will be “Lament for Mary MacLeod,” the tune with which Livingstone won his first Highland Society of London Gold Medal, “Beloved Scotland,” “The MacDougalls’ Gathering,” “The Prince’s Salute” and “War or Peace” in the MacLeod of Gesto style. Livingstone won the Clasp at Inverness in 1984 with “The Prince’s Salute.”
Livingstone’s Northern Man recording has been in the works for several years and promises to include original compositions and arrangements. Both projects are being produced and engineered by Grade 1 Toronto Police Pipe Band Leading-Drummer Doug Stronach, who works professionally with musicians producing recordings.
Bill Livingstone is the long-time Pipe-Major of the Scottish Lion-78th Fraser Highlanders Pipe Band, and is so far the only piper to have guided a Grade 1 band to World Championship victory and win a Clasp at the Northern Meeting.




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