March 31, 2007

MacHatties join expanding 78th Frasers

James and Kylie MacHattie, pipers with the Grade 1 Toronto Police Pipe Band for the past six years, have left the band and have joined the Grade 1 Scottish Lion-78th Fraser Highlanders Pipe Band in a move that brings the latter band’s pipe section roster to at least 36 players.

James MacHattie had been Pipe-Major of the Toronto Police until announcing his stepping down from the role in February. Under his direction, MacHattie took the band to two North American Pipe Band Championship victories.

The 78th Frasers had revealed in January 2007 that it had 36 pipers on its roster and that the band planned to compete with as many as 30 in the 2007 season. The news, posted first on pipes|drums, was met with widespread discussion, both for and against the expanded numbers, on online forums.

Both James and Kylie MacHattie are professional-class solo pipers, and James has had considerable success in top competitions in Canada and Scotland.

The Toronto Police band is actively recruiting pipers for the 2007 season.


  1. Grow up people. Pipe band politics have almost always left me shaking my head and with a bad taste in my mouth. You quickly find out who your real friends are. Kylie and James decision is just that……THEIR decision. Players come and go

  2. With so many great pipers on the 78th now I’m hoping they’ll win the Worlds this year or maybe make the top 3. I also would like to see them play in NY some time soon also.

  3. With the addition of the 5 new players that have come across from Tor Pol, it seems as though we’ll be hearing a lot of Mason’s Apron after Massed Bands in Ontario this summer!!!

  4. I think it is sad that a great Grade 1 band, Toronto Police is going to have to suffer. Looking at 78th’s current roster, Toronto Pol. had one good band. Why did everyone leave? Name recognition? Internal distress? Want to play with 30+ other pipers, while every other band in the area suffers?

  5. Ok, where to start. Coming from a person who plays in a lower grade band that would LOVE to have an influx of talent like the SL78th have picked up this year, how can we blame them and make comparisons of the BID BAD business that is driving all the little businesses out of town (which I think it total and complete foolishness). Next thing I am going to read the Wal-Mart / small chain argument. If a bunch of good pipers wanted to join your band are you saying you would say NO! we don’t want to hurt any other bands? B.S I’m not buying it, nice try. You would open your arms say welcome and buy them a pint after practice. People need to stop being so weak. Ian is a great pipe major and I am sure TP will land on their feet and be just fine. But slagging the 78th is not proving anything here. LOL Its a Wonderful life!

  6. Good heavens, it’s bagpiping, not a passion play. Players come and go, bands ascend and descend…but I am starting to get behind Andrew’s thoughts about limiting the rosters. Kylie, James – best of luck and we’ll see you on the field…and in the beer tent!

  7. I’m glad I live in the USA. Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. Wake up Canada. Life on this side of the globe is about freedom to pursue our dreams, and happiness. This is a decision that concerned the best interest of one family. And all decisions regarding families are completely personal and no one elses business. Think about your own personal family choices. Do you want someone else telling you what is in the best interest of you and your family, and do you want others to heckle you because of that decision. This ain’t hockey Canada. Best of luck to the MacHatties, SL-78th and Toronto Police.

  8. Hey BIC, Where you comeing from with that Talk. I saw no indication of Canadian government policey here or anything stereo typically Canadian here or any hockey discussion. In fact the Walmart/ small chain discussion is an American one taking place all over the US. Tell me this was meant as humour.



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