February 28, 2013

Murray leads WAPOL back to stage

The first major event for the Grade 1 Western Australia Police Pipe Band with recently appointed Pipe-Major James Murray in charge will be a concert on March 13th in their base city of Perth, recorded live for the group’s ninth recording.

Murray became pipe-major late in 2012 after emigrating from his native Scotland, where he led the Grade 1 Fife Constabulary Pipe Band, which followed his long tenure with Shotts & Dykehead.

The 2012 Australia Pipe Band Champions have been on a steady resurgence since 2010 when the band went on a recruitment drive, attracting several pipers and drummers from the UK.

According to the band, Murray, the 1997 Argyllshire Gathering Highland Society of London Gold Medallist, has worked to pull together a diverse selection of material for the concert, visiting all genres of music, including “a mix of rock, jazz and folk.”

Priced at AUS$40 a ticket, the concert will be at the natural Quarry Amphitheatre in the Ocean City area of Perth, and will take place regardless of the weather.




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